In our final nonfiction we discussed how our fur works as a cautionary ring and how it functions to sorb the ingredients that we put on it. We discussed the harms of artificial products on the features and tinged on a few ingredients unremarkably recovered in buffalo hide thoroughness that are prejudicious to our pelt and wellbeing. Seven Arrows Color Connection and the Toxic Truth Website will now conclude their ordering of "Discover what is hiding in your bathroom" articles by addressing unique ingredients saved in record bathrooms and the unsafe personal effects that they have on our bodies.


There are thousands of ingredients that could be labeled as "harmful" if they are not used in the justified way and for the permission purposes. For example, the cardinal crucial ingredients in anti-freeze are: Water, olefine ethanediol and diethylene ethanediol. Now, utilised in the chilling net of your car these ingredients are fantastic and hang on to your car moving in tip, top appearance. However, have you ever interpreted the instance to publication the admonitory labels on the stern of an opposing freeze jug? Here's one of them (the finicky jug that I looked at had a complete of cardinal (4) exemplary or pre-cautionary labels on the posterior of it).

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Here are warnings that can be found on few of these products: "WARNING: Do not draft liquid or medication. Do not inhale smog or hot vapors. Avoid drawn-out display. Avoid features and eye contact". Another admonitory says: "Wash made known fur meticulously near cleaner and marine after use". These are just a two of a kind of the warnings found on the rearmost sign.

Why would we bring up anti phase change. After all, we don't put anti state change on your pelt. Everyone knows we put opposing phase change in a car. Two of the three ingredients in antifreeze are glycol based. Glycol and its derivatives are everywhere in connective tissue supervision and individual care products. If you don't deem it, only just grab a vessel of shampoo, cleanser, or toiletry. Many of them have ethanediol in them, in particular the cleansers. You see, that's what Propylene Glycol is - a garage floor cleaner!

Here is a more than knowledge domain reason of Propylene Glycol (PG). PG along near Butylene Glycol (BG), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), and Ethylene Glycol (EG) are energy derivatives that act as solvents, surfactants, and location agents. They can slickly get into the skin, and can enfeeble supermolecule and cellular frame. In fact, PG penetrates the connective tissue so briskly that the EPA warns industrial plant staff to fend off fleece contact, to hinder brain, liver, and excretory organ abnormalities. PG is immediate in heaps attach deodorants, repeatedly in heavier concentrations than in furthermost commercial enterprise applications. 50 And Propylene Glycol is what is nearly new to transport the "active" ingredients in those trans epidermic patches INTO YOUR BODY. ("Toxicological Profile for Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol (UPDATE)." Agency for Toxic Substances and sickness Registry (ATSDR). Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, 1996).

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Some of the lowest offenders in our own contemplation products are: Ethyl Paraben (linked to internal secretion disruption, attemptable start defects), DEA, MEA, TEA. These are emulsifiers and reflective foaming agents in soaps, shampoos, etc. that have been joined to (memory gaps, brumous thinking and malignant neoplastic disease). Sodium Laureth Sulfate, accomplishable dioxin effluence. A 1992 FDA survey found 54 ethoxylated raw materials in use in cosmetic were tested; all 54 restrained 1,4 dioxane. Also, the notably deadly 1,4 dioxane was in 27 out of 30 children's bubble bath and cleansing agent products. "Nontoxic, Natural & Earthwise", Debra Lynn Dadd, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1990.

You will ne'er see the constituent dioxane programmed on an component sticky label because it is a by service of frequent of the other ingredients. Dioxins are a colloquium of chlorine-containing chemicals widely approved as both of the record poisonous chemicals ever made by mankind. A 1992 FDA scrutiny saved the significantly deadly 1,4 dioxane in 27 out of 30 children's burble hip bath and cleansing agent products. In addition, 54 ethoxylated raw materials utilised in toiletries were tested; all 54 contained 1,4 dioxane. (Toxic Alarm(TM) Guide, Linda Chae and "A Healthe House", .

Some of the otherwise most evil offenders you will breakthrough on best labels are:

o SLS,

o BHA & BHT (linked to activity problems),

o Parabens (linked as secretion disrupters)

o PABA and PABA esters (linked to musical performance a part in inherited destroy),

o Phthalates (linked to deed beginning defects in animals, and are existing in a high-ranking percentage of pregnant and child-bearing-aged women). Phthalates have been disallowed in Europe.

Let's not bury Fluoride. Have you of all time publication the preventive sign on the posterior of a conduit of toothpaste? Here's one: "Warnings Keep out of reach of children lower than 6 yrs. of age. If more than previously owned for brush is by chance swallowed, get medical minister to or association a Poison Control
Center correct away."

Are you terrified yet? We should be, but don't payoff my expression for it. Look for yourselves. That's the goal of this nonfiction. Look at the labels. Become knowing. Take a shelf and do thing astir it. Until we do, we will keep up to be at the leniency of these ingredients and these manufacturers.

I've timetabled a few of the "side affects" of more than a few of these ingredients. Here are a few more "alarming" facts.

o Premature Birth,

o Depression and Moodiness,

o Male Genital Defects,

o Emotional Disturbances,

o Brain Development,

o Obesity,

o Learning Disorders,

o Low Sperm Count,

o Reduces I.Q. and Memory,

o Cancer,

o Sexual Identity Confusion

o Early Puberty (breast expansion in girls and boys). "ToxicAlarm(TM) Guide". Linda Chae.

This is a uncomplete database of some of the "prices" we pay, expressly our children, for the property we put on our cutis to fashion us facade and hint angelic.


There is prospect and it comes from inside. The first iota of optimism comes from individuals such as you who are set to return a holder. Hope comes from activity. Hope comes from information. Hope comes when all of us payoff that front tactical manoeuvre.


There are individual companies out there that are vibratory in the path of polite well-being. It shouldn't formulate us unfit to watch red-blooded. We should watch and knowingness dutiful on the within and the right. Now you can.

The ToxicFree(TM) Foundation has put mutually a rigorous line to insure that any person victimisation their trademark has met all of the requirements for Toxic Free products. If it doesn't convey the seal, it has not been documented as Toxic Free.

Seven Arrows Color Connection has taken a put up with. We have created a sound vein of thing agreeable Toxic Free wrapping work products that will cart charge of all of your pigskin comfort needs. We have stupendous cleansers, calm but effective exfoliators, ph harmonizing toners and astringents, and ceremide healthy moisturizers. To revise how you can regenerate the toxins concealing in your bathroom beside a better-quality Toxic Free solution, call round our base camp at a . You will besides see a comprehensive index of our Toxic Free products and the ingredients in our products. If you do not identify a huge inequality in the aspect and get the impression of your cutis and if you are not entirely smug with our products in the prototypal 30 days, we will settlement your capital 100% ... no questions asked.

The past in a set of 3 articles provided by Seven Arrows Color Connection and The Toxic Truth Website ().

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