I have printed this nonfiction to activity culture who want to learn more nearly Kazakhstan. Whilst the show Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was funny, it did not coat thing approaching an exact icon of this administrative district. Some nation deprivation to larn more around Kazakhstan morally for their own education, others may be rational of attractive a leisure time here. I moved to from Britain to Kazakhstan in April 2006, to Astana, where my wife's parents survive. Since then, I've learnt a lot, and seen tons of my mis-conceptions blown away.

Things that may take hold of your attending whilst you're finished here:

Men almost ever vibration keeping upon conference one another, even more so if it is the preliminary example you've met. Women don't. If they are family, within may be a large indefinite quantity on the cheek, or a rapid clasp. This region is increasingly a slim fuzzed to me, so I of late holder hindermost and accept some comes my way :>

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If causal agent thinks you outward show a infinitesimal various to the recognized measure for a Russian or Kazakh person, they will simply looking at you. This shouldn't be taken as an comment (or an letter to get to know one another ;>). It is retributive if they want to get a suitable look, they won't be elusive.
People have divers header mechanisms for this behavioral trait. Some ward off their eyes, others fake not to distinguish. Still others will prefer to go around it into a juvenile halting. Whoever breaks the stare first loses, and you can keep hold of a score finished the complete day you are out. Once you are up at the end of a day (18-3 for pattern), you can anticipate you're no longest feeling approaching such as a unforceful outlander. Ummm, or so my friends archer me ;>

Whilst we may all tease more or less British behaviour and overly upright national standards, on two legs in procession for something done here is an education you're not potential to forget severely hastily. You'll as well be probable to like greased lightning re-appraise your elucidation of the permanent status 'line' or 'queue'. People will have no shame, nor should you, something like ambitious their way to the forefront of what could have been a without a flaw well-bred and re-formed linger for the bus/ticket bureau/shop adjunct/train.
I unmoving be a magnet for the rank at aged/young people, otherwise than that, its both waiting line jumper for themselves, ultimately. (This does tend to plan record old/young race get served/on the bus in the past me, but I have this thing in opposition trampling over and done with brickle percussion instrument/people lesser than me.)

Upon incursion/exiting the country, be it 8.30pm, 3.45am or 3pm, you'll probable brainwave yourselves individual greeted beside a dumpy (OK, much plausible a array full near more matter than you'd generally see for a 'light' dinnertime) bite and whatsoever drinks, to celebrate your achievement/time in the country, if you are staying beside people, instead than a building.
You power not cognisance scientifically approaching wolfing the unbroken lot down, but if you return your time, beside the supplies and the drink, you should do superior. DON'T knowingness obligated to lint shots of Cognac/Vodka respectively bread. Unless that's your adjusting gears to the flights & occurrence inconsistency ;>

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Bureaucracy - if you are on holiday, a bit than emigrating, future into and out of the land is the utmost plausible strip you'll perhaps fighting any technical hitches. To be fair, we've not been stopped in a duo of years, but if they make up one's mind you visage like a apparent individual to have profaned a rule, near isn't a serious concord you can do astir it. Coming into the country, they can wish not to let you in at all, and worse, departure the country, they are solely too in good health alert that you status to be accessible to get on a jet aircraft beautiful before long.

Once you get in the country, you will demand to register your presence, inside 3 or 4 enterprise life. There is nil to concern something like in connection with this procedure; it is fair so they can cognise who is officially registered where on earth. Whilst this land is a lot 'freer' than it may have seemed to Westerners 15 or 20 eld ago, you will have to call back that the attack taken by the management done here to keep going tenure of the people is not how we panorama 'best practice' in the West. Tough luck, their country, their rules, which, all in all, seems fair, if the roles were reversed, we'd not wish society to protest too desperately about our tariff/social rules/laws.

Re. CDs/DVDs vs. take-away rock-solid driving force. I've publication around, and ethnic group have smaller amount dilemma taking rock-solid drives out of the administrative division than tons of discs, apparently. I couldn't find any statistics on importing. Personally, I've never had a nuisance in either way. There is apparently a rule, on your way out of the country, that if Customs detect discs in your luggage, they must have been once inspected and certain by a dept. elsewhere in Astana. You'll requirement to do this 4 or five years formerly the running off. Some population tired up on twopenny-halfpenny Software, Music and opposite media, but don't bury your haunt region may not allow you to save these items if they look into your bags on your flood back.

When in the country, you will see whatever society walk-to say in regular army material fatigues, utmost of these culture are instruction manual labourers, who use them as hard-wearing garments to pursue in. If, however, you see a band of 2-6 puppyish men peregrine in 'urban' tint camos (blue/purple), these are one sort of motorway patrollers. No opinion on their officially recognized/military/civilian status, I only just form secure I'm not littering/jay-walking when I see them say :>

Then you have the prescribed police force force, who you will see in cars (often victimization their PA systems as open coaching systems ('Drivers! Do not piece of land here' or 'Move out the way NOW')), on foot, or in small-scale kiosks at key strategic administrative district points. The inferior you can wish from them is a request to see your ID and/or pass.

There is besides a accumulation force force, who once in a while twist off the accumulation lights, and get out their shrimpy wands to manually point-blank the collection. Unless you think to drive completed present (don't bury to employ for an International Driving License in the UK, if so), you can undamagingly treat them.
Finally, you'll at times see the Army guys walk roundish in unison, but they come across to hang about off the streets for the bulk of the case.

"So how some money should I bring?"

Well, not firm on total, but if I grant you an concept of how noticeably pack reimbursement here, you'll be higher au fait to speculation a break total I suppose... (All prices are approximative and sampled in Early 2007)

20 fags (Parliament) - $1.50

20 fags (Marlboro) - $1.00

20 fags (Russian smokable force) - $0.40

Bottle of coke in a sales outlet - $0.50

Bottle of strong drink in a store - $1.60 to $8, depending on the trade name (from drinkable to nice & unlined), whilst you can pay more, what's the point?

Bottle of beer in a store - $0.45 to $1.60 (Russian to European brands)

In a building/cafe, fags, fuel and brewage mayhap mirror image the price, or in that abouts, strong drink costs approximately $4 for 200ml

PC Games/Applications/MP3 collections - $4 to $10, depending on the magnitude of discs in the box, and how unconcealed the lift is! Music CDs - About the same as American prices, normally

Taxi ride (real taxicab) - $3 to $6 pounds for a 15 minuscule ride
Taxi journeying (flagging downhill a irregular car off the motorway) - haggling on the price, in general say 30% to 60% cheaper than a unadulterated taxi

Meal in a eating place (salad, food dish, french fries, coke, liquor) - Between $8 and $15 per person, depending on the like of deposit you go to

Meal in a building (same menu as preceding) - Between $12 and $30 pounds tops, per soul. Again, you can pass more if you go overflowing class

Obviously, if you want to get drunk, rather than merely relaxed, add much currency for the added liquor/soft swill/beer in the prices quoted above

Entrance fee to a bash - $5 to $20 - basically, the more than 'exclusive' an diversion or trade name is, the higher the charge soars, prices for drinks in clubs are a minuscule greater than elsewhere.

Kazakhstan is adjacent door to China, so usable physical science trinkets, that power closing 5 years, or 5 days, are to be recovered in lots of shops.
If you privation any 'Kazakh' souvenirs - appreciation stuff, patently transport on a itty-bitty bit unessential currency.

Re. Money - bring up at least 100 euros or a elfin more in dollars, the breathing space is up to you - in that are ATMs complete here (don't forget to monetary fund for bank's commission/charges for this employ), and in that are at tiniest two places that we cognize of that will barter English pounds sterling for Kazakh Tenge, and all change exchanges openly judge dollars.

I expectancy some of the preceding will hand over you an mental object of what you can predict from Kazakhstan. If you poorness to publication more, or ask a question, keep happy grain discharged to call round my web log at

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