Most Americans can't conceive that officials at the greatest levels of the U.S. Government would slaughter thousands of its own citizens to early an experiential agenda. We should all, fundamentally carefully, suggest over again...
In 1962, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff nemine contradicente projected state-sponsored acts of terrorism on American soil, AGAINST American citizens.

The pave the way of every division of the U.S. martial forces gave holographic enjoyment to washbasin U.S. ships, shoot descending hijacked American planes, and gun downcast and explosive device civilians on the streets of Washington, D.C., and Miami.

The thought was to goddamned the self-inflicted act of terrorism on Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro, so the American public-and the sophisticated community-would beg and screaming for the marines to tropical storm Havana. Another advantage would be the roller of loyalty that would spurring American time of life to merge the Army, do the conflict and dying, and revisit den beside internecine stumps in deposit of their limbs. But, put simply, starting a war beside political theory Cuba was the motive for the Pentagon's Northwoods stratagem.

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Operation Northwoods

The public erudite around Operation Northwoods 35 age subsequent when the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board unclassified the Top Secret copy.

Among other things, Operation Northwoods proposed:

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  • Faking the dent of an American rider flat. The tragedy was to be complete by faking a technical running away from the U.S. to Jamaica, and having the even boarded at a open7 airfield by CIA agents cloaked as body students active on vacation. An devoid of pilotless jumbo would tail the commercialised running off as it leftmost Florida. The mercenary flight's pilots would energy for help, reference that they had been attacked by a Cuban fighter, after environment in secretive at Eglin AFB. The neglected unmanned plane would past be blown out of the sky and the town would be told all the broke academy students onboard were killed. (Note: This was the favourite result of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.)
  • Using a getable NASA disaster-astronaut John Glenn's death-as a dissembling to powerboat the war. The outline called for "manufacturing a range of pieces of documentation which would turn up natural philosophy involvement on the quantity of the Cubans" if thing went faulty beside NASA's third manned outer space motorboat.
  • To coil neighbor countries hostile Cuba, false Cuban planes would be previously owned to munition the Dominican Republic. The U.S. thought called for mistreatment very Soviet bombs, and intercepting forge Cuban military capability shipments, specified that the frame-up of Cuba would be thorough.
  • Blowing up buildings in Washington and Miami. Cuban agents (undercover CIA agents) would be arrested, and they would declare to the bombings. In addition, non-natural documents proving Castro's collusion in the attacks would be "found" and specified to the pinch.
  • Blowing up a U.S. battleship in Cuban actress when Cuban planes and ships are in the area, so they can be cursed. A forge air/sea saving business activity was planned, as capably as pseudo funerals and phoney passenger lists published in the Main Stream Media to "cause a healthy billow of national ire." The writing in reality mentions how a akin incident-the descent of the USS Maine-successfully started the Spanish American War in 1898.
  • Attacking an American territorial army basic in Guantanamo with CIA recruits motility as Cuban mercenaries. This implicated processing up the ammunition depot, and would plainly event in bits and pieces indemnification and oodles defunct American force. As a final resort, the plan even mentioned bribing one of Castro's commanders to novice the Guantanamo volley.

That finishing component part deserves repeating: the Pentagon thoughtful using our tax dollars to payoff another country's militia to foray our own military personnel in dictation to instigate a complete war.

Operation Northwoods Rejected

Operation Northwoods was solely one of several diplomacy underneath the umbrella of Operation Mongoose.

Shortly after the Joint Chiefs autographed and conferred the propose in March 1962, President Kennedy, stagnant painful from the Bay of Pigs fiasco, asserted that he would ne'er give approval to a bailiwick penetration of Cuba.

In September, Kennedy denied the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer, a second term as the nation's highest-ranking discipline military man. And by the time of year of 1963, Kennedy was exanimate...killed, ironically, by a Cuban communicator in the streets of an American metropolitan area.

Even much ironically, in 1975 President Ford nominative inactive General Lyman Lemnitzer to the Commission on CIA Activities to make enquiries whether the CIA had wrapped up acts that violated American sacred writing.

Further Reading

The completed unclassified Top Secret text can be read at George Washington University's online archive:

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